10 Beautiful, Classy and Affordable Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are one of the most important and expensive aspects of any wedding. The average cost of a wedding dress is $2637 in Australia. Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her wedding day, and wants to feel that her wedding dress shows who she is.

One of the reasons why I wanted to do a blog post like this is not only because I am curious, but I actually can’t personally find any blog posts that show a list of affordable wedding dresses that aren’t from ASOS, Boohoo or Aliexpress and costs less than $100. While I understand that ‘affordable’ looks different from everyone, I also want to give more options in the under $500 range.

So I did some digging for you, and here are the top 10 wedding dresses I found that are wayyy under the average budget without compromising on the style. These are the dresses I found, ranked from highest to lowest in price.

Floral Embroidered V-Neck Sheer Wedding Dress

What I love about this dress is the floral embroidery in the tulle. It is so beautiful and reminds me of designer wedding dress like Ellie Saab. Obviously this is a VERY budget version, but it has the same elements of floral, fluff and softness to it.

Price: $498.04 AUD

Elegant Open-back Lace Wedding Dress

I love how the back not only opens but reveals a lace detail that hugs the skin and is held together by pearl button. It looks quite simple from the front, but the back is so beautiful and flattering. It’s elegant and classy and makes a subtle statement.

Price: $474.22 AUD

Modest Flower Embroidered Wedding Dress

I love the flower embroidery on the side of this long sleeve dress. Modest dresses are hard to find these days, so when I was really happy to find something as detailed and unique as this. Not going to lie though, this dress does have an open back so it may not tick all of your boxes.

Price: $433.08 AUD

Romantic White Lace Ball Gown With Corset Top

Can this wedding dress be any more romantic? The floral lace and fluffy skirt is so dreamy. I don’t know about you, but wearing fluffy dresses tend to make me feel like I’m a kid again. But looking at this dress I already know I won’t have that issue because of the corset top. Nothing is more sexy but still classy than a corset top like this.

Price: $404.66 AUD

Minimal And Modern Open-back Wedding Dress

This dress is perfect for the minimal bride who loves a simple and classic look. I simply can not get enough of the details in this dress too, from the pearls that line the V-neck front to the three buttons on the back.

Price: $351.87 AUD

Romantic Deep-V Embroidered Evening Dress

The detail on this dress is UNREAL. From the embroidered ‘branches’ that line the deep-V to the layers of tulle with soft curved lines… this dress could not be more enchanting. It’s not only chic, but is also alluring.

Price: $323.45 AUD

Unique High Neck Wedding Dress

This dress was so unique and different that I just had to include it in this list. As you can tell by now, I clearly have a preference for sheer, fluffy and dreamy looking dresses and this dress is no different. I love that under the see-through fabric of this dress is a beautiful nude short body con with white flower embroidery. The gauzy fabric also means that you can see your legs through the dress. This dress is definitely not traditional, it’s soft, enchanting, romantic and very sexy.

Price: $309.92 AUD

Dusty Pink Puff Sleeve Ball Gown Wedding Dress

If a white dress is not your vibe, maybe consider a dusty pink? Nude dresses and dusty pink dresses are a great alternative for wedding dress colours.

Personally, I had never considered any other coloured wedding dresses apart from white until today. I was watching Jeannie Mai’s latest episode from her YouTube show, Hello Hunnay, when she went bridal dress-shopping and she said that she was felt drawn to nude gowns because it reflected the transparency in her relationship with her then fiancĂ©. That was such a beautiful statement that spoke so much to me because it really showed how your wedding dress can not only be a representation of your personality but also your relationship.

I really loved how much she wanted the nature of her relationship to be present, even to her wedding dress colour, so I thought to include this dusty pink gown for anyone who wants to get inspiration on how to make your wedding dress truly your own.

Price: $260.50 AUD

Classic And Sexy Deep-V Satin A-Line Wedding Dress

This is a dress I am super excited to have found. Over the last few years, satin has become a trend that I personally don’t see stopping anytime soon and I completely get it! It’s classy, sexy and flattering. It does not only look fantastic on camera, it also looks expensive!

Price: $228.72 AUD

Off-Shoulder Tea Length Tulle Dress

One of my favourite hacks to getting a cheaper wedding dress is to actually shop in the prom dress section and just get the dress in white. This off-shoulder tulle dress can actually be bought in white. I know that not everyone would want a midi wedding dress, but I thought to include this for the bride that would want this because she may be having a more relaxed wedding, or wants to show her shoes off. Whatever reason it is, this dress is fantastic because it is hand-made, has great reviews (so it’s from a trustworthy brand) and still at a reasonable price range.

Price: $227.94 AUD

Bonus! Dreamy Sheer Puff Sleeves

Puff sleeves are back! And hopefully here to stay. This obviously isn’t a dress, but it’s such an easy way to add another wow-factor to your wedding dress. It’s sheerness is not only dreamy but extremely flattering!

Price: $169.17 AUD

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