8 Fresh Wedding Flower Decor Alternatives

Flowers have become an increasingly important decorative aspect at weddings. Beyond the bridal party’s bouquets, you can see floral arrangements on almost every wedding magazine. Whether it’s on the arbour or alley at the ceremony, or used as centrepieces in the reception, flowers undoubtedly make a beautiful and romantic statement.

The average Australian couple is said to spend $1620 on flowers on their wedding day (as said by Easy Weddings). This sum comprises of bouquets, boutonnieres, table centrepieces and additional styling.

There are so many money-saving alternatives to fresh flowers. But I wanted to share with you specifically the top 8 ways you can cut costs on decorative flowers, without taking away from the romantic look on the day.

1. Greenery

Greenery is one of the most organic way to replace fresh flowers on your wedding day – and you may not even have to spend a single cent! Start looking around your backyard or even your friends’ and family’s to see if they have any large bushes or trees that you can pick some branches from. 

My personal favourite type of branches are olive. They are a beautiful muted green tone and look gorgeous on any table setting and on an arbour. 

2. Dried flowers

Though buying dried flowers are expensive, you can easily rent dried flower arrangements for the big day at a much more affordable price.

Flower Nation rents 30 metre flower garlands for $40 and 3 Foliage bouquets for $55.

Oh So Pretty also rents vertical dried flower arrangements that you can use to replace an arbour at your ceremony for only $200. You can also bring these into your reception as a photo backdrop.

3. Balloon garland

Balloon garlands are a fantastic replacement for fresh flowers. They are a colourful and fun statement and are especially perfect for the playful couple. You can buy the balloons individually at your local craft store or get balloon garland kits online.

The Pop Up Party Co. sells balloon garland kits from $47.95.

Though if you are willing to wait, Aliexpress also sells balloon garlands from $15.50.

4. Candles

You can easily find tea light candles and non-fragrant candles at any discount stores near you. All you need to do from there is hit the op shops and find the perfect home for them. 

If you’re someone who is DIY-savvy and comfortable with tools, small wooden planks are perfect for setting the ambience at a wedding. 

5. Bud vases

So, I cheated a little bit here… What can I say? I really love flowers! And bud vases are a fantastic way to still have fresh flowers at your wedding day at a fraction of the cost. 

Get thrifty and start going to different op shops around you a couple of weeks’ in advance and get as many bud vases as you can find. Try also shopping at Kmart or Target for vases.

Kmart has a set of 3 assorted vases for only $7.50. if this is not the colour you’re going for, buy some white, gold or silver spray paint and customise it to exactly the way you want it.

As for the flowers, you can easily pop by to Coles or Costco the day before and get beautiful bouquets for $10 – 30. Or you can pick some dried flowers, such as dried bunny tail grass, from around your neighbourhood. 

6. Books

Though I wouldn’t personally use this by itself, old books are a great pairing with bud vases, candles and/ or greenery. Just make sure the candles are in a safe holder!

Image source: Pinterest

7. Statement tree

If there is a beautiful tree at a local park, you can skip the arbour and flowers entirely! Trees make not only the perfect setting and focal point, but also give ample shade for an outdoor wedding.

Image source: Gal Meets Glam

8. Fake flowers

Fake flowers are also quiet expensive if you buy them, but much more affordable if you hire instead.

Decor Hire Perth has table garlands from $20 per metre, bridal table florals for $90 and arbour florals for $100 per 1.3 metre.

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