5 Stunning and Affordable Wedding Veil Alternatives

For many brides, veils are a must-have item of their bridal outfit. But today I wanted to give some love to the other brides who just don’t feel that veils embody who they are. 

Veils are a historical practice that symbolises modesty and obedience. The sheer hanging cloth covers some part of the head and face and costs around $100 – 800 on average. For someone as frugal as me, this is not a cheap purchase. Which is why I thought to share some veil alternatives for the brides who may not feel that this price tag is worth the look.

Wild Flowers For The Boho Bride

Loose waves and natural wild flowers are a matchmake in boho heaven. If this look is something that you have always dreamed of, talk to your hairstylist and see what floral look they can come up with for you. The best part about this is that you can choose the flowers that you want and make it completely your own!

Budget Tip: Talk to your hairstylist and brainstorm how they can source flowers for you or if you can find them yourself and bring it for trial and on the day. See what works best for the both of you and you can potentially cut veil costs completely.

Classy Pearl Bridal Headband

Have you always resonated more with the likes of Audrey Hepburn? This pearl headband is perfect for you. One look and it immediately reads classy, sophisticated and timeless.

Budget Tip: Faux pearl headbands can be as cheap as $7 AUD. 

Glamorous Metallic Floral Headband

If you’ve always imagined yourself in a show-stopping outfit on the big day, metallic floral headbands are really going to bring the “wow” factor to any bridal look.

Budget Tip: You can find these headbands easily for a cheap price of $10 AUD. But to really get good quality and glamorous headbands that don’t skimp out on ornaments, $30 – 40 AUD is a great range to be looking at.

Elegant Tiaras

Having a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have the royal wedding of your dreams. Opting for a tiara rather than a veil can make you feel like a million bucks on your wedding day, and only for $30 AUD.

Budget Tip: Tiaras can go as low as $10 AUD online. But the tiaras that are best value for money typically range in the $40 – 60 AUD range. Which is still halving the cost of an average veil by the way!

Flower Crowns

Flower crowns can be the perfect accessory for an outdoor rustic wedding. Lace wedding dresses and flower crowns are a match-made in heaven. If you really want to save time and money, faux flower crowns are available online at a range of $10 – 80 AUD. However, you can get a fresh flower crown for $50 – 90 AUD as well. 

Definitely have a look through and call up some nearby florists or even arrange a package deal with your wedding florist to inclusive of a flower crown for you.

There are so many ways to go about this to suit your budget. If you want an even more affordable option, here are some DIY tutorials I recommend:

  1. DIY Boho Flower Crown
  2. DIY Boho Flower Crown Tutorial Super Easy (dried flowers)

If getting a fresh flower crown professionally made seems worth it to you, I have just a supplier for us Perthies that I can recommend! Hey There Poppy has these gorgeous flower crowns available for weddings starting from $55.

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