The Journey Begins

Hi! My name is Belicia and I live in Perth, WA. I love hanging out with my friends, having a glass of wine on the weekends, watching sunsets at Leighton Beach and I am a hopeless romantic. 

Since young, I have always been creative and guilty of having a wild imagination. And that mind would lead me to dreaming up of my dream wedding. 

But now that I’m in my 20s, I have come to realise that weddings are a lot more expensive than everyone lets on. As I have grown, my goals have also grown with me. I still want a stunning wedding, but I also want to buy my first house, raise a family and work towards a happy retirement. Spending majority of my savings on one day is simply not an option, but neither is having a tacky wedding.

I created this blog to share all my ideas and findings on how to create a wedding that is easy on the eyes and the wallet. Please join me on my journey and please share your ideas along the way!

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